Author's availability

Paul Nevins is available to discuss his book and topics related to it at public forums, panel discussions, and before book clubs and discussion groups. He is also available for interviews and will gladly participate in book festivals, authors' events and book signings upon request. If interested, please contract him through his office website at 
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Do you speak at Unitarian Universalist churches? I'd love to have you speak here:

Please keeep up the great blog posts .

Thanks for another good post. Looking forward to the next.

Ich würde gerne Ihre Artikel. Es ist sehr interessant anregend. Vielen Dank und ich folge dir!

I really like your blog, keep it up!

Both sides of the aisle tend to increase governments hold on our lives. One side gives lip service to the contrary, but in the end, anyone who truly believes in liberty isnt going to want to run for office in the first place, because the will to power is incompatible with a libertarian mindset. With precious few exceptions, everyone running for office has an innate desire to boss around large numbers of people, and once elected, tries to expand their ability to do so. Power doesnt corrupt, it merely attracts the latently corrupt.

I discovered your blog's link put up by a friend on Facebook. Thank you for putting useful information on the net. It's difficult to come by this stuff these days.

Merci au sujet de la transparence des thème avancés ici : on risque sans hésiter s''interroger quant à la juste valeur des arguments que vous-même citez par ici!