How to make comments about matters discussed in my blog

Because of the enormous amount of spam that has regularly inundated the website for this blog, the site is no longer able to accept comments directly. Articles published on this blog are published almost simultaneously under the author's name - Paul Nevins - on Open Your comments are solicited and most welcome on that very secure site. Articles posted on this blog are also published at the same time on FaceBook under the names Paul Nevins, Paul L. Nevins, and "Read The Politics  of Selfishness," on Twitter and on Linked-in. All of these sites will welcome your comments - pro or con- which will appear - as they deserve to be - as serious comments that are not lost amidst the debris, commercial solicitations and cryptic, coded messages that have turned so much of the internet into a vast wasteland of lost opportunities for serous reflection  and civil discourse.          

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